Jackie Janisse


Abstract Art offers freedom to the artist and the viewer.  That is why Jackie chooses to focus her body of work on this genre of artistic expression.  She works in acrylic and plaster because of the diversity it offers and the visual and tactile depth it creates. 

Jackie's paintings provide the audience with an amazing multi-sensory experience. From the raw emotion depicted through the depth in colour, to the visual and physical depth of texture. Her pieces are unique in visual and tactile harmony, engaging the audience in a brilliant experience unlike anyone else. She has developed a method in the creation of a painting right from the strong handcrafted stretcher frame and wrapped canvas to many layers of texture and paint. Every painting is lovingly cared for and she spares no expense in her great attention to detail.

She draws inspiration from the broad rage of human emotion, each of the seasons and their changes around her Canadian home, leading to a beautiful expression of the humanity in nature, and the nature in humanity.

Jackie provides us with an uninhibited view of the human spirit, providing (unintentional) satire about the struggles of our time. The way in which she has combined mediums and inspirations has created a unique experience for the viewer- providing a mirror to study a small aspect of the human soul. Her work is truly an experience worth investing in.

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Contact Information:

Website: www.jackiejanissefineart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JackieJanisseFineArt

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Support and Resources

City of Sault Ste. Marie Station Mall Sault Area Arts Council Art Gallery of Algoma Northern Ontario Arts Association Arts Council of Sault Ste Marie