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Penny Gabor


Penny Gabor is an artist currently finding her inspiration near the beautiful shores of Great Lakes Superior and Huron after many years on the Canadian Prairies.  Canada’s vast landscapes offer endless creative stimulus for this artist and her medium of Alcohol Ink.  Alcohol ink, which is recognized by its intense, highly saturated and yet translucent colours is a stunning and challenging medium that keeps her captivated day after day.  

“Alcohol ink has captured my attention and respect.  I love the vibrant colour, and their reactive, less controllable nature give the paintings the organic feel that I love.  Painting and creating has always energized me and nature feeds my soul.  I believe that beauty is nourishing for all of us.  This is why I paint, and what I hope to pass on in my paintings - life, hope, beauty and nourishment.”

“Alcohol inks are a wonderful metaphor for life - A reminder to continually embrace the unexpected, and to persevere until something of beauty emerges!”

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