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Gary Manzo

My career has been a balancing act, juggling my three passions: Art, Psychology, and Business. Mostly, I work on a commission basis but I have exhibited internationally, having been awarded the honor of Top 100 artists worldwide, by the World Wide Art Foundation in both 2011 and 2012. In addition to my fine artwork, I have created many illustrations, most notably 40 works for Alexandre de Bothuri, author and distinguished collector. Alexandre’s collection is among the most prestigious private collections globally. I am so honored to have my work among his collection. Many of my works are in private and corporate collections in Canada, Europe, and the United State. A large painting of mine is housed in the Civic Center in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Recently, my work has taken a new direction. Over my career, I have experimented and worked in a variety of styles and mediums. At this point in my life, my work has become more spiritual, utilizing personal symbols, in a more controlled way of expression, with the idea of storytelling, and creating works that have a personal, yet, universal sense of recording my own progress through the Self Actualization Process as defined by Carl Jung. It is my hope that my images speak to the viewer at a deeper level, where their own experiences, perceptions, and feelings, mesh with what I have presented to act as a catalyst to their own adventures into themselves. As Paul Klee wrote: “The role of an artist is to hold a mirror up to society, so it may contemplate itself.” And, Giorgio de Chirico said: “What can I love but the enigma?” These among other statements from the “greats” haunt my daily existence.

I have been asked by CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) to be an online tutor/mentor for the courses they offer online.  I have expertise in Bauhaus Essentials, and this is part of their curriculum.  Could be interesting.


Ontario College of Art and Design (Fine Art)

Laurentian University (Psychology and Fine Art)

California Institute of the Arts (Fine and Graphic Arts)

University of Victoria (Cultural and Museum Studies)

Wharton School of Business (Business Essentials)

Chicago School of Business (Mini MBA)

Zur Institute (Post Graduate Studies, Jungian Psychology)

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