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Irene Oktaba

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Irene Oktaba is a watercolour artist who was raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  She attended the University of Toronto where she earned all of her degrees culminating in a Ph.D.

Creativity and the arts have always been important to Irene.  She finds inspiration in the natural beauty of the Algoma region.  The many moods of Lake Superior are frequently portrayed in Irene's watercolours:  vibrant and bold colours prevail, yet softer, serene hues can also be found.

Irene also paints architectural portraits ranging from historical buildings to homes and cottages.  Structures are brought to life even if they are neglected or no longer exist.  The paintings always contain architectural features which may have gone unobserved.

Irene may be contacted at dr.irene.o@gmail.com

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