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  • 61st Annual NOAA Juried Painting Exhibition – 1st year for digital entries -opened Sept. 18, 2017 in Timmins – Gary Manzo and Wendy Easterbrook received awards. Phyllis Dorman, Ken Hagerman, and Lotte Steube also accepted.
  • AAS Meeting presenters: Marcella Whillans, Gary Manzo and Nancy Caldwell.
  • NOAA Rep – Nancy Caldwell

Sault Star Article on Nancy Caldwell by Pat Baker in January 2017

Winter Festival of Art – Art Gallery of Algoma – February 2017 – Cherie Ahvenniemi won Hon. Mention. Former AAS member Nancy Sachro won first prize.

Common Strokes - Station Mall - February 2017


AAS Invitational Exhibit at Alberta House in April. 49 pieces by 12 AAS members

AAS Art Show & Sale – Station Mall. April 29th. 10 AAS members participated


Brian Kelly featured Josie Jones in Sault Star.

Sylvan Circle - September 2017

Art Show & Sale by Hilkka Pellikka and Judy Henderson at 1668 Winery in Sault Michigan

Senior Centre Art Show - November 2017

61st NOAA on display at Art Gallery of Algoma in November 2017 - Gary Manzo and Wendy Easterbrook received awards. Phyllis Dorman, Ken Hagerman, and Lotte Steube also accepted.


  • Photographing of digital entries for 62nd NOAA – by Rutger Becker..
  • 62nd Annual NOAA Juried Painting Exhibition – opened Sept. 15, 2018 in Moonbeam – Award winner Hilkka Pellikka. Also accepted Kathy Godfrey, Lotte Steube, Lucille Norman and Phyllis Dorman.
  • AAS Sept. meeting guest speaker – Thang of L&D
  • Artists of the Month: Rutger Becker – April, Kathy Godfrey – May, Lucille Norman – October, Sharon Mulligan – November.
  • AAS Executive: Wendy Easterbrook - President, Gary Manzo – Secretary, Judy Henderson – treasurer, membership & website, and Nancy Caldwell – NOAA Rep.

Winter Festival of Art Opened on Feb. 2nd with the theme `Shadow`

Algoma Art Society’s 70thAnniversary Celebration opened on March 1stat the Sault Ste. Marie Museum and remained on display until May 31st 

This 34 painting display included 20 by current members and 14 by past members, 9 or who are deceased. The oil painting entitled "Bridal Viel Falls in Agawa Canyon" was by Stuart MacDougall, the first president of the Algoma Art Society when it first formed in January 1948. This painting was donated to the Sault Ste. Marie Museum. The exhibition also contained a painting entitled "Mist on the Hill" by Dan Murray, a founding member and one of the first vice-presidents of the Algoma Art Society. The graphite sketch by Rita Tuckett was entitled "Backyards - Downtown Sault Ste. Marie" dated 1968.  Rita Tuckett was also an active Society member who went on to become a well-known television and movie actress starring in movies such as "Agnes of God" with Jane Fonda.  Rita passed away in 2005. Also included in the exhibition are paintings by past members who are no longer with us, such as Fran Pond, Janina Kryweinczyk, Katie Kopec, Doris Foster, Eddie Kosiba, and Sally Moorhouse.


A John Keast (1922-2011) painting was included as a Silent Auction with proceeds going to the AAS

John Keast taught and inspired many Algoma Art Society members. He knew Varley of the Group of Seven well and painted in the Group of Seven style. Art is spiritual, explained Keast, who leaves a bit of himself in every painting. Robert Nowosielski was the winner of the John Keast painting with the highest bid.

The Opening was well attended by members and local media such as SooToday.


 April 2018 AAS Meeting - Rutger Becker featured artist

May 2018 AAS Meeting - Josie Jones featured artist

Art Happening at SSM Museum - Art display by Judy Henderson and Lucille Norman

June 24th - Plein Air and Pot Luck at Bellevue Park

July 2018 - Algoma Art Society Art Exhibition - 350th Anniversary of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan at 1668 Winery

July 2018 - Senoir Citizen Centre Art Show & Sale at Roberta Bondar Pavillion

October 2018 AAS Meeting - Lucille Norman featured artist

62nd NOAA displayed at L&D Art Gallery & Framing in November and December 2018

  • Winter Festival of Art at Art Gallery of Algoma  Feb. 8 to March 16, 2019 – Theme “Symbolism of Colour” - 
  • Algoma Art Society now on Facebook.
  • John Keast painting donated to AAS – AAS Silent Auction – winner Wendy Easterbrook
  • Plein Air Painting & Pot Luck social on June 23, 2019 in Bellevue Park
  • Art in the Park – Aug. 2019 - Rutger Becker and Zoey Wood-Salomon participated
  • AAS October 2019 Art Show and Sale at L&D Art Gallery and Framing – opened Oct. 5th
  • 63rd Annual NOAA Juried Exhibition – opened in Cochrane on  Sept. 14, 2019 – Kathy Godfrey and Nancy Caldwell attended Annual NOAA Meeting and Opening
  • Accepted AAS paintings in 63rd NOAA were by Cherie AhvenniemiSharon Mulligan, Lucille Norman, and Cheryl Thomas.
  • 63rd NOAA displayed at L&D Art Gallery and Framing from Nov. 24 to Dec. 19, 2019
  • Artists of the month – Mike Zavits, Pat Caldwell, Ken Hagerman, Wendy Easterbrook, Kathy Godfrey, Marcella Whillans, and Kim Capell -  featured that month on AAS Website and have use of Downtown Queenstown Art Space to display artwork – AAS Sign created for Art Space
  • Algoma Art Society received City Cultural Award on Mon. Nov. 3rd at City Hall – received plague and framed Awards.  Members displayed art pieces and were treated to delicious refreshments.  Previous years` Cultural Award recipients invited. Thanks to Sharon Mulligan for her insight and hard work at applying for this award for the Society.
  • Very sad passing of very active artist and AAS member Nancy Caldwell – in Dec. 2019
  • Festive Dinner at Barsanti`s on Dec. 12th with fun Dollarama Gift Exchange
  • AAS president – Rutger Becker and Vice President - Cherie Ahvenniemi - acclaimed
  • NOAA Rep – Kathy Godfrey – thank you to previous NOAA Rep – Nancy Caldwell
  • Treasurer/Membership/Website – Judy Henderson

The Algoma Art Society is extremely pleased to have been presented with the "2019 Community Recognition Award for the Visual Arts".  

Following photos taken of the executive and all attending Algoma Art Society members with the Acting Mayor, Art Society president Rutger Baker was presented with a framed Award in the City Council Chambers. 

Significance of the Stone Cradle Award was explained and presented later by Chris Rous, Chair of the Cultural Advisory Board, in the form of a glass statue engraved at the base with the wording, "Algoma Art Society 2019 Community Recognition Award", to Rutger in the Russ Ramsay Reception Room. After presentation of the awards, members were treated to a delicious buffet along with the opportunity to socialize with each other and former recipients of the award.

During the evening Society members were also invited to display examples of their art work outside the Council Chambers as well as in the Russ Ramsay Room.  

It was a very enjoyable and memorable evening for the Algoma Art Society!

Click here to see photo and article on Soo Today:



Thirty-six paintings by members of other NOAA clubs were also selected in the 63rd NOAA which held its official Opening in Cochrane on Saturday, September 14, 2019.  Algoma Art Society NOAA Rep, Kathy Godfrey, attended along with former AAS NOAA Rep, Nancy Caldwell.

Algoma Art Society October Art Exhibition

L&D Art Gallery & Framing

Official Opening - Saturday, October 5th

Features 49 works of art by 25 Algoma Art Society members!

The exhibition at L&D Art Gallery and Framing has been extended to Wednesday, November 20th!

New member Sophie Nash was thrilled when she sold her painting entitled Lady of the Pond at the Opening!

The Algoma Art Society Holiday Dinner was well attended despite the weather.  Everyone attending enjoyed the socializing, meal and fun gift exchange.

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