1980 - 1989

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  • Sept. 2, 1980 - Art Gallery of Algoma opened at its present location along the St. Mary’s River – A.J. Casson of the Group of Seven and Ken Danby who grew up in Sault Ste. Marie were in attendance at the Opening.
  • The following gifts presented to the Art Gallery of Algoma from Algoma Art Society:
    • Aba Bayefsky…………………………….Caravan, India Pencil and Watercolour on Paper, 1958…..Canadian WWII Artist. …
    • Charles K. Carrington………….Happy Day, Barachios Watercolour, 1954…………One of Art Society’s foremost founding organizers and executive members.  A dedicated, inspiring art teacher at the Sault Collegiate Institute.  Prime motivator of local artists, many of whom went on to attend *OCA.  He said, “Paint from your heart!” 
    • Lydia Davis Hargreaves….Portrait of a Woman ….Charcoal on Paper……….Studio Study, April 25, 1895 Attended Julian Academy in Paris in 1895-96 and likely knew some of the Impressionists.  Lydia taught art at the Technical School in Sault Ste. Marie during the 1940s. She was named Honorary President of the Algoma Art Society when it was formed in 1948.
    • Russ Dawson……………………………………..Untitled, Acrylic on Board………………………… Abstract, 1969
    • Y. Jackson ……………………..Bylot from Pond Inlet Pencil on Paper……………….Shoreline of Baffin Island. While here in 1954, A. Y. took Art Society members on several outdoor painting excursions.  He went back 32 years and spoke about how the Group of Seven were first drawn to paint the natural beauty of the Algoma District. In 1957, the first Annual *NOAA Exhibition was juried in Sudbury with jurors, A. Y. Jackson and Claire Bice.
    • Anne Meredith Barry…………… Island Fog Collagraph Print….…...from Canada North East Series 1981 to 1984 member of Sault College Fine Art Advisory Board, held Art Gallery of Algoma Solo Exhibition in 1992.
    • Sculpture..…….Centennial Gift from Canadian Gov’t. Metal & Wood
    • Gus Weisman…………………………………El Castillo Mixed Media, non-objective, 1953……... *OCA and Sault Summer Art School Instructor. The second Annual *NOAA     Exhibition held at the Sault YMCA in April 1958 was juried by Gus Weisman, A. J. Casson, and Louis Muhlstock. *OCA – Ontario College of Art in Toronto
  • 13th  Annual NOAA Graphics Exhibition – Opened in Cochrane – jurors John Hall and Ron Baird
  • 24th Annual NOAA Juried Exhibtiion – Opened in Kirkland Lake – jurors Ross Mendes and Paul Young

Photo of Paintings Donated to Art Gallery of Algoma when it opened in 1980 - displayed at Algoma Art Society's 60th Anniversary "Then & Now" Show in 2008

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  • 14th  Annual NOAA Graphics Exhibition – Opened in Burks Falls – juror Sheila Maki
  • 25th Annual NOAA Exhibition – Opened in Kirkland Lake – jurors June Drutz and Pat Clemes-Lapierre

Sault Star article and photo on Stuart MacDougall in November 1981

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  • 15th Annual NOAA Graphics Exhibition – Opened in Cobalt – juror Jean Burke
  • 26thAnnual NOAA Exhibition – Opened Sept. 18, 1982 in North Bay – jurors Diane Pugen and Mary Misner
  • Sketch nights Thursday at the Art Gallery of Algoma
  • Two Algoma Art Society Exhibitions in spring and fall convened by Joan Kelly and Flo Bouchard
  • June – Pot luck & sketch outing at Audrey Hannigans Old School House on St. Joe Island
  • July 1, 1982 – Art & Craft Show at Bellevue Park
  • President of NOAA – Gil Song – of Sault Ste. Marie
  • Gil Song – active in AAS & NOAA moved from Sault.
  • 16thAnnual Graphics Exhibition – Opened in January 1983 in Iroquois Falls – juror Phil Richards
  • 1983 – 1st Annual Winter Queenstown Juried Bon Soo Art Show – convened by Fran Pond – paintings shown in downtown store windows
  • July 4, 1983 – Visions Arts and Crafts Co-op came into being – the dream of AAS artists – Fran Pond, Sally Moorhouse, Flo Bouchard, and Lucille McMaster.
  • Sally Moorhouse’s Painters Studio opened Sept. 1, 1983
  • AAS Art Shows in spring and fall convened by Judy Henderson and Hazel Kane.

Algoma Art Society Spring Show in Centennial Room of Main Public Library - Spring 1983

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27thAnnual NOAA Colour Exhibition – September 17, 1983 - Hosted by Algoma Art Society.   Annual NOAA Meeting held at Civic Centre with workshops at the Art Gallery of Algoma – juried by Ghitta Kaiserman-Roth & Friedheld Lach. Award – Sally Moorhouse, 3 Hon. Mentions – 9 of 32 paintings by AAS members accepted.

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Algoma Art Society Fall Show in Centennial Room of Main Public Library - November 1983

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  • AAS Executive voted in June 1983 – President – Sally Moorhouse, Vice – Audrey Hannigan, Corr. Sec. – Judy Henderson, Rec. Secretary – Katie Kopec, Treasurer – Lucille McMaster, NOAA Rep - Julius Nagainus
  • AAS Executive in October 1983 - Audrey Hannigan - President and Flo Bouchard - Secretary
  • AAS Directors - Gail Murdock, Hazel Kane, George Haas, Theresa Woodcock, and Gerd Hammar.
  • NOAA Executive of Sault Ste. Marie - NOAA President – Audrey Hannigan, Secretary –Flo Bouchard and Treasurer – Fran Pond
  • 2nd Annual Juried Queenstown Bon Soo Art Show – convened by AAS in January
  • 17th Annual Graphics Exhibition – Jan. 1984 – Kirkland Lake – juror Robert Patterson
  • 28th Annual NOAA Juried Colour Exhibition – Opened Sept. 22, 1984 – Sudbury Art Club – jurors Joan Murray and Ed Bartram - 7 AAS members’ paintings accepted – Joan Kelly (2), Melanie Johns (2), Fran Pond, Julius Nagainus, and Janina Krywienczzyk.
  • Algoma Art Society Art Shows in May and November.
  • Festival of Arts in September – convened by Sally Moorhouse
  • Solo exhibitions at Visions by Lucille McMaster, Ashley Moorhouse and Lucille McMaster.
  • AAS Executive:
  • - AAS President – Audrey Hannigan
  • - Vice President - Flo Bouchard
  • - Past President - Sally Moorhouse
  • - Recording Secretary - Hazel Kane
  • - Corresponding Secretary - Judy Henderson
  • - Treasurer - Lucille McMaster
  • - NOAA Rep - Fran Pond
  • 5 Directors:
  • - Gerd Hammar - Publicity and Advertising
  • - Ritva Warren - Social and Reception
  • - George Haas - Outdoor Show Convenor
  • - Janina Krywienczyk - Sketch night
  • - Theresa Woodcock - Programs
  • 3rd Annual Juried Queenstown Bon Soo Art Show – Jan. 1985 – jurors were Doug Hook and John Keast – held in Windsor Hotel on Queen Street – Art Society convened
  • 18th Annual NOAA Graphics Exhibition - host PAC - Opened Jan. 31, 1986 in Timmins – juror Rudolph Stussi
  • March 6th - Art Gallery of Algoma opened Art Rental Exhibition – works for sale/rent
  • Algoma Art Society Executive chosen in August:

            President – Gerd Hammar, Vice President & Secretary – Judy Henderson

            Recording Secretary – Janet Schennel, Treasurer – Elaine Clay

            NOAA Rep – Fran Pond, Directors: Katie Kopec & Bob Mackereth

  • 29th Annual NOAA Juried Colour Exhibition – Opened Sept. 21, 1985 – Opened in Elliot Lake – jurors Michael Burtch and Andrew Oko - host Blind River Art Club
  • Fall Festival of Art opened Sept. 26th and 27th convened by Audrey Hannigan
  • Joan Kelly and Sally Moorhouse opened and shared art studio in October.
  • 19th Annual NOAA Graphics Exhibition - Opened Jan. 31, 1986 in Kapuskasing – juror Pat Fairhead
  • 30th Annual NOAA Colour Exhibition – Opened Sept. 9, 1986 in Timmins - Porcupine Art Club – jurors Jan Winton and Audrey Garwood
  • 39th Annual Algoma Art Society Exhibition - held in Centennial Room of Main Public Library opened on April 3, 1986
  • Algoma Summer School of Arts opened at Sault College June 16, 1986 – David Bierk and Diane Pugeun instructed
  • Fall Festival Art Show opened Sept. 26 & 27, 1986

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