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Welcome to the Algoma Art Society's Website! The Algoma Art Society was formed in 1948. A constitution was established. On January 23, 1948 the first art activities commenced.



Zoey Wood-Salomon, NOAA

I work with acrylics, and 
my favourite subject/genre is Aboriginal. 
My art is painted in the tradi...

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Sophie Nash

Sophie Nash is a local artist who works primarily with acrylic, watercolour, ink, and pencil. She wa...

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Marcella Whillans

Marcella Whillans (Gallant) was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. She left the "island" over ...

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Irene Oktaba

Irene Oktaba is a watercolour artist who was raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  She attended...

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Kim Conway-Capell

BIO My name is Kim Conway-Capell. I've enjoyed drawing all my life. My passion is pencil drawings. ...

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Hilkka Pellikka, NOAA

“Art is in my genes!” My family in Finland consists of well-known artists in both visual...

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Lucille Norman

For me painting is an activity where time is suspended, where florals and landscapes inspire me to t...

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Nora Ann Harrison

Creating art works gives an aesthetic experience to both the artist and the viewer. We live in a f...

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Cherie Ahvenniemi

Cherie Ahvenniemi has had an attraction to colour her entire life. Becoming a freelance decorator al...

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Nancy Caldwell

Life was full of twins and a 2 year old. We lived on the shores of Lake Manitoba at Delta isolated f...

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Valerie Hurdle

I've recently begun a very inspiring journey into the art world. My interest in oil painting start...

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Josie Jones

After an invitation by a friend to spend an afternoon painting by the water, Josie Jones discovered ...

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Doris Anne Ray

Doris started sketching and painting in her teens, but set aside all of this to enter a career of Nu...

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Theresa Baic

Theresa Ross Baic paints from the heart. Her inner feelings play a large part in her work. As a loca...

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Ken Hagerman, NOAA

Ken Hagerman is a landscape painter who works primarily in oils.  After taking many classes wit...

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Rutger G. Becker

Rutger G. Becker resides in Sault Ste Marie, and has always been fascinated with arts since he was a...

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Wendy Easterbrook

Wendy Easterbrook was born and raised in Northern Ontario. Her absolute love of the environment has ...

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Heddys Stevenson

Heddys was born in China and has lived in 5 different countries. She did a science degree and taught...

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Jeanne Dumas

Jeanne Dumas is a Sault Ste. Marie native who lives in Batchawana where she owns Sunset In...

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Lotte Steube, NOAA

Lotte Steube Lotte Steube is a Sault Ste. Marie artist who finds that her desire to paint has grown ...

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Phyllis Dorman, NOAA

Phyllis Dorman, Water Colour Artist BIOGRAPHY  Phyllis Dorman grew up in eastern Ontario, rel...

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Judy Henderson, NOAA

Art is my form of expression. Through painting and drawing, I explore and attempt to provide a uniqu...

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Gary Manzo

My career has been a balancing act, juggling my three passions: Art, Psychology and Business. Mostly...

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Anne Laidlaw

Anne Laidlaw, award-winning artist, lives in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Anne was born in Edinburgh, S...

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History of the Algoma Art Society


The Algoma Art Society is the oldest Visual Art Group in the City of Sault Ste. Marie, since it’s inception on January 26, 1948. Our membership consists of visual artists working in Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Yupo, Encaustics, Collage and Photography.


We are a non-profit organization whose aims are to promote local exhibitions, competitions, workshops, classes and lectures; provide access to prominent artists; to arrange for annual sales of members’ work and to support, encourage and develop the talent and ability of local artists by providing opportunities for them to become more proficient in their field.


Over the many years this organization has been in existence many prominent artists have been associated with us including members of the Group of Seven. Algoma Art Society members traveled on many outdoor painting excursions with F. H. Varley, A. J. Casson and A. Y. Jackson.

Membership Information

informationWho Can Join?

Anyone who shows an interest in art. 


Why Join?
- Special guest speakers, demonstrations and workshops. 
- Share ideas and skills. 
- Painting/drawing get-togethers. 
- Eligible to enter work in society's and NOAA juried and non-juried shows. 
- Eligible to display artistic profile and artwork on NOAA Website. 
- Keeps you informed about upcoming workshops and opportunities to exhibit. 
- Artistically stimulating. 


Meeting Dates and Times:
7:00 p.m. on 2nd Wednesday of each month from September to November and January to May. 
Special club get togethers held in December and June. 


Meetings held at room in Civic Centre, 99 Foster Drive (705-759-2500)





We Would Love to Hear From You!

aaslogoIf you have any questions, comments, or would like more information about the Algoma Art Society or its upcoming events, please click the button below to send us an email.


Support and Resources

City of Sault Ste. Marie Station Mall Sault Area Arts Council Art Gallery of Algoma Northern Ontario Arts Association Arts Council of Sault Ste Marie