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Lotte Steube, NOAA

Lotte Steube Lotte Steube is a Sault Ste. Marie artist who finds that her desire to paint has grown into a passion. She is active in the local art community and enjoys expressing mood and delight in her paintings. Art has become an adventure of colour as she paints florals, abstracts and landscapes.

Watermedia is her favourite medium to work with—it is exciting to see the colours blend together on her palette like a dance. Her creative spirit is enhanced as every strand of colour combines together to make a thing of beauty.

To view a u-tube video taken of Lotte at the Art Gallery of Algoma in March 2022 click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofl_zp5Kw8A


"Rhapsody" accepted in the 61st NOAA in 2017

2013 Received NOAA letters for 7th painting, "Frosted Stillness" accepted in 57th NOAA Annual Exhibition 

“Nature’s Embrace” accepted in the 2011 Northern Ontario Arts Association (NOAA) Annual Exhibition

“River Song” accepted in the 2010 NOAA Annual Exhibition

Honourable Mention for “Fenced In” in 2010 by the Albert House Arts Center, Michigan

Honourable Mention for “Homecoming” in 2009 by the Sault Area Arts Council and the Alberta House Arts Center Board

Finalist for “Nature’s Way” in the Waterscapes competition of Canadian Brushstrokes Magazine, published in the January/February 2008 issue

Best of Printmaking Award ~ 2007 Fall Festival of the Arts

Best of Printmaking Award ~ 2006 Fall Festival of the Arts

“Reminiscence” accepted in the 2007 NOAA Annual Exhibition

“Superior Day” accepted in the 2005 NOAA Annual Exhibition

Honourable Mention for “Serpent River Falls” in the 2002 NOAA Annual Exhibition

Katie Kopee Memorial Award for her work in the Bon Soo Art Show in 2001

To view utube artist profile on Lotte Steube click here:


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