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The names of the former Algoma Art Society members who had their NOAA letters are:

Elaine Clay (deceased) - accepted in NOAA 14 times – examples of her artwork

Doris Foster (deceased) - accepted in NOAA 9 times – examples of her artwork

Ellen Hadath - accepted in NOAA 8 times - examples of her artwork

Myrtle Harrison (deceased) - accepted in NOAA 20 times – example of her artwork

Joan Kelly - accepted in NOAA 11 times - example of her artwork

Katie Kopec (deceased in 2001) - accepted in NOAA 12 times – examples of her artwork

Janina Krywienczyk (deceased) - accepted in NOAA 40 timesexamples of her artwork

Sally Moorhouse (deceased)  - accepted in NOAA 7 timesexamples of her artwork

Fran Pond (deceased) - accepted in NOAA 38 times - examples of her artwork

Fran Rideout - accepted in NOAA 46 times

Gil Song - accepted in NOAA 21 times

Rita Tuckett (deceased) - accepted in NOAA 12 timesexamples of her artwork.  The black and white art piece with three trees and faint images of figures dancing in the background was titled Dryads of the Morning for a price of $15.00.

Rita Tuckett went on to become a well known actress:


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