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Carmen Boniferro

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My Art journey began with a foundation created by the following teachers: Attilio Francella, Taimi Poldma, Christine Kubis Bieman, and Ken Hagerman.

I enjoyed the experience of learning perspectives of drawing, color schemes, shapes and structures, evaluating my work and efforts. An important impetus to growth toward artistry emerged from my Art experiences as I recreated the paintings of the artists known as Canada's Group of Seven.

These are some insights I gained:

  • Franklin Carmichael’s work “Mirror Lake”1929 illustrates how earth contours could be created through tones of color.
  • A. J. Casson used color abstractions to highlight how weather shapes the environment in his work, “Summer Storm” 1942.
  • Lauren Harris’ painting “Shacks”1919, conveys how a painting could have social merit in his depiction of a 1920 tenement.
  • A. Y. Jackson in “Grey Days, Laurentian”1930 shows how a painting may tell a cultural story.
  • J.E.H. MacDonald's “Goat Range Mountains”1932 painting was able to capture the beauty of Canada's Rocky Mountains.
  • In Tom Thomson's “Winter Thaw The Woods” highlights a Canadian approach to landscape painting unlike European Impressionism.
  • Arthur Lismer shared a picture of Maritime lifestyle in his painting of the fishing village in his work “Seal Cove, Grand Manon, B.” 1931.
  • Frederick Varley in “Stormy Weather”1921 with outlandish color and shapes showed the vibrancy of Nature’s beauty.

My membership in the Algoma Art Society in 2021, created new Artistry opportunities. There was the 75" anniversary exhibition at  the  Algoma Art Gallery where I displayed my first work, “River Fantasy”. In the following two years, I showed “The Storm” and “Radiance”. I have exhibited paintings at  the Hub at  Spring. In  December, 2023, I had an exhibition of my work at the Sault Museum.

My most profound exhibition avenue is Instagram. Over the last 4-5 years, I have displayed over 400 paintings.

At this time, May 2024, I have discovered how Facebook is an excellent strategy to publicize my landscape paintings. I have responses to my landscapes from viewers across Canada and the world. These are the groups I have entered photos of my landscape paintings:

Friends of The Federation of Canada Art, Canada Art and Artists, Canadian Visual Artists, Contemporary Landscape Painting, Society of Canadian Artist Network, Canadian Artist Showcase, Art In Canada, Sault Artists, Landscape Painting Artist Group, Canadian Art and Artists, Landscape Painting, Landscape Artists International, Algoma Art Society, Northern Ontario Artists, and Canadian Artist Association.

I can locate 3-5 pieces of my landscape paintings on each of these sites on Facebook!

It's a great way to promote one's paintings....

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